Nordkapp Scandinavia Adventure

If you are looking for an epic tour offering a real adventure, then this is the trip for you. You will ride 4,500 miles in 3 weeks, traversing some of the most spectacular mountain passes in the world. Scandinavia offers some of the best riding roads you will ever experience. Riding through Europe’s longest road tunnel you will cross the arctic circle to reach  Nordkapp for midsummer’s eve. Stand on Europe’s most northerly point at midnight on midsummer’s day and witness the midnight sun.

22 days, approx 4,500 miles
2020 tour dates: 09 – 30 June


Day 1 – Ferry to Holland

You will start your adventure with an overnight ferry ride from Hull to Rotterham. Your guides will meet you at the ferry terminal. You can enjoy a relaxing evening in the restaurant and bar and get a good night’s sleep to wake the next morning in Holland.

Day 2 – Northern Holland

After a leisurely breakfast on the boat, disembark to explore the Northern coast of Holland. We will explore some of the rural beauty of this country, including a ride across the 32km long Ijsselmeer dam. We will finish the day in Groningen. 276 Miles

Day 3 – Groningen to Kolding, Denmark

Today we will pass through three different countries. Continuing our journey in Holland we will cross the border into Germany towards Hamburg and then turn north into Denmark. 340 Miles

Day 4 – Northern Denmark

A relatively short day’s ride today through Northern Denmark. We will stop off to explore some of the country’s Viking heritage, before ending the day in the port of Frederikshavn. The afternoon and evening can be spent relaxing and exploring the city. 175 miles

Day 5 – Ferry to Oslo

We spend today on a ferry crossing from Denmark to Norway, arriving in the evening in Norway’s capital city of Oslo. This is a day to relax off the bike and enjoy the facinating Scandinavian coastline. 20 Miles

Day 6 – Sightseeing in Oslo

A chance to explore the city and waterfront. We will be leading a visit the museums on the Bygdoy Peninsular, where you can explore the Viking Ship musuem, the Kon Tiki museum, the Fram Polar ship musuem and the Norwegian maritime museum. Alternatively you can visit the city centre that offers many attractions and good shopping, or relax in the facilities and grounds of our luxury shore-side hotel.

Day 7 – Oslo to Laerdals

Back in the saddle for a rewarding day’s ride through the mountains: some high mountain passes, spectacular fjords and the famous 24.5km Laerdals tunnel. 220 Miles

Day 8 – Laerdals to Andalsnes

A day of high mountain passes and fjords: The Jotunheimen mountains – the highest in Norway and the Troll’s ladder – a twisting series of hairpins that passes through 2 waterfalls. 200 miles

Day 9 – Andalsnes to Steinkjer

Fjords, ferries, tunnels and spectacular mountains. On past Tronheim for our last night below the arctic circle. 277 Miles

Day 10 – Steinkjer to Bodo

Today we cross the arctic circle! Stopping to explore the arctic circle centre (and café!) we continue north, cutting west to the coastal town of Bodo for the night. 364 Miles

Day 11 – Lofoten Islands

We will spend the morning on the ferry to Moskenes at the southern tip of the Lofoten Islands. We will then have a leisurely ride exploring the picturesque villages and awesome mountain peaks as we island-hop our way north. 80 Miles

Day 12 – Lofoten Islands to Tromso

Hopping the chain of Lofoten Islands by bridge and ferry we pass again to the mainland and head for the delights of Tromso, a real gem of a city. 270 Miles

Day 13 – Tromso to Nordkapp

Today we will reach the top of Europe. The road twists and turns as it hugs the rugged coastline. Passing through the last major town of Alta we will head for the peninsular that is Nordkapp. 320 Miles

Day 14 – Nordkapp

A day to explore, relax and, if you want to stay up, an opportunity to witness the midnight sun. The sun dips towards the horizon, but never quite gets there, rising again without ever setting.

Day 15 – Nordkapp to Sirkka, Finland

Time to head south and explore the wilds of Lapland. 327 Miles

Day 16 – Sirkka to Karstula, Finland

We ride through a spectacular vista of rivers, lakes and trees as we head south through Finland. The roads are open and quiet, so good progress is easy. This is an opportunity to see rural Finland at its best. 415 Miles

Day 17 – Karstula to Turku & overnight ferry to Stockholm

Our last day in Finland. We finish our ride in the city of Turku where we will catch the overnight ferry to Stockholm, Sweden. There will be opportunity to relax in the ship’s bar, eat in the restaurant or relax in your cabin. 225 Miles

Day 18 – Stockholm, Sweden to Copenhagen, Denmark

We will ride across Sweden from the east coast to the west coast, finishing our ride by crossing the Oresund bridge into Denmark. This is an engineering marvel and quite some experience to ride. The road rises across a vast expanse of bridge before disappearing into a tunnel on a small island in the middle of the sea. 410 Miles

Day 19 – Free Day in Copenhagen

This is a day to relax off the bikes and explore the beautiful city of Copenhagen. The best way to do this is to rent a bicycle and pedal around the safe and easy cycle ways. 

Day 20 – Copenhagen to Bremen, Germany

Today we explore the eastern part of Denmark and ride to the small port of Rodby, where we will catch the ferry to Puttgarden in Germany. From here we will pass to the south of hamburg to finish the day’s ride in the beautiful old city of Bremen. Spend the evening relaxing by the mighty river Weser, watching the barges and cargo ships sailing past. 300 Miles

Day 21 – Bremen to Rotterdam

Today we ride from Bremen to the Rotterdam ferry. The last day’s ride on the continent takes us back to the ferry for an overnight cruise back to the UK. 250 Miles

Day 22 – Return to UK

Breakfast on the boat before arriving in Hull for an early morning disembarkation.


2020 Tour PricesNordkapp Scandinavia guided motorcycle tours

Per Person: 2020
2 people, 1 bike, 1 room £3775
2 people, 2 bikes, 1 room £4895
1 person, 1 bike, 1 room £5975

The tour will be on your own bike.

What’s Included: All hotels (Most include breakfast and some include evening meal), your bike fuel and oil, all ferry, bridge and road tolls. Ferries from Hull to Rotterdam (overnight with cabin); Denmark to Oslo; Bodo to the Lofoten Islands; Finland to Sweden (overnight with cabin). The tour will be supported by two guides on bikes.

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